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I had a great time here with all of you. Cool place, warm people and the rooms are simply beautiful. Thank you for your kindness and see you again
Good luck and see you soon.

Robbie Maas, The Netherlands

I had a wonderful time at your place! It was so exciting to take the open water diving course! I had lots of fun. Boracay is a great place to enjoy life and I will come back!
Thanks for everything!

Mirjam Broemmelhoerster, Germany

First time in Boracay , right after arrival visited WaterColors and started doing diver license. Jenny is the BEST instructor!!!! Time we spent here with you was the most wonderful ever. Snorkel test with the birthday party = Number 1. Thank you for that and see you soon again!

Katarina  Madejova, Slovakia

What a wonderful time I had! Thank you so much for the memories and wonderful open water training. Even the first night party, regardless of the amount of Boracay Rhum, I will never forget.
Thanks always and hopefully see you again.

Heather Riggins, USA


Thank you all very much for everything, for letting us feel like a part of your family. Hope to see you again (soon) and then we can have the “Balot”!
It was again a great pleasure and we will return. Thank you for everything!

Stefan Tihi & Sebastian Loiper, Germany

Thanks a lot for this time spent with you, we felt “at home”. It was relaxing and very pleasant stay.
See you next time with pleasure.

Sebastian Rousseal , Paris, France

The first word to say is “Thank you” for your so pleasant place, so pleasant hospitality. It was a small week that we will remember all year…in our busy Paris life. Hope to come again and go diving.

Christelle Molina, France

Thank you sooooo much WaterColors staff for the most relaxing, wonderful fun vacation! You took excellent care of us & we are so grateful to you! I will always stay here whenever I come to Boracay. I will miss each of you a lot. I will look forward to seeing you again (I hope next year) Much love & gratitude to you.

Tami Johnson & Kelly

Thank you guys for the awesome time at Boracay. We had an impressive time doing our Advanced course with Jenny, you are a legendary teacher! Going diving with you was always fun, even the assignment we did with you. I hope WaterColors remains as it is, not only perfect diving center but also a location to find so many friends.

Thank you guys, you are a FAMILY!

Hey guys, we’ve so much fun the whole time we were with you. The diving trips were really interesting. Jenny is a perfect teacher. I’ll never forget the time in Boracay, we had a really good party every day. I enjoyed the last two weeks and hope I can come back next year.
Thank you for the experience.

Alexander & Sebastian Bochem (the twins), Germany

Really loved this place. From the first chat, when we walked past the shop, we felt comfortable already. Diving with Pascal as our dive instructor was very reassuring  and relaxed. Great place!

Carmen Li, The Netherlands

Fantastic friendly and always smiling staff, great service and cool instructors. Thanks for making my first diving experience lots of fun.

Lise Soerensen, Denmark

Thank you so much for a fantastic time, your hospitality and great diving. This place is so beautiful that it is very hard to leave!

Susanne & Nikki Frank, Germany

Thanks for having our 1st dive experience with WaterColors.You help make our honeymoon more memorable. Also you got the most friendly staff!

Jon & Charo, Cebu City

Many thanks to all WaterColors team,
We had a great time with all of you. Special thanks also to the best Philippine Chef (Shiela) for the best dinner we had here and also for the party last night.

Martin Kincl & Thereza, Czech Republic

We had so much fun, you were so helpful and the diving was amazing. We will never forget the best party we had on our last night. Thank you, all the best. Hopefully seeing you soon.

Marco, Andrea & Nadia, Switzerland

Dear Lovely WaterColors – Team!
Thanks for your lovely welcome, the awesome hospitality and the fabulous stay I had here in Boracay. You made my days!  Boracay is so far my absolute favorite place! Wanted to stay just for one  week but it has been two at the end. Thanks to everyone and hope to see you all soon.

Christoph Urban, Germany

Lovely stay, liked it very much. Nice people, very helpful. You have a beautiful place. Thank you.

Barry Baker, Ireland

Thank you so much for the great experience here in Boracay. We had an awesome stay, all the staff was sooooooo helpful and kind. We hope to return again one day.

Cassandra and Daniela, Canada

We really enjoyed staying at WaterColors. Especially the good strong coffee….Thanks a lot.

Tobias Bysaeth, Switzerland

We’ve had an amazing time staying at and diving with WaterColors Boracay. Special thanks to the wonderful and talented instructor. Jenny whose enthusiasm + energy is  inspiring and contagious. Very attentive  and kind staff. Were now two happy Advanced Open Water Divers.
Best wishes,

Kristina and Neil Beston, UK/Hongkong

Thanks for the incredible diving experience.  It was my first time and I had so much fun with the polish instructor “ Patrick” and this – in my own language. See you next time.

Alexandra Szkopek, Poland

The friendliest  and most accommodating dive shop. Thanks to Harry and Rowell for Nitrox 101!
To the girls, Metz and Ruth- you’re the best!
See you next year.

Christine Acuna, Philippines

The best dive shop on the island! Thanks Harry for making my first diving experience a true pleasure.

Chet, LA, USA

WaterColors- my favorite diveshop! Thanks for great dives and hospitality!

Sofia Talvik, Sweden

Big thumbs up to Remus,  Jenny and WaterColors.  Took my advanced open water on this cool diveshop. More dives to follow.

Jonas W., Sweden

Thank you WaterColors!
Amazing two days I spent with the WaterColors team. Everyone here works hard to give you  a great time! Definetely  coming back to dive and stay to chill out again with you guys!

Dijo, Hongkong

We had a great underwater experience with amazing diving. A big thanks to Vince and  Jenny.

Rasmus, Jessica, Christian,Andreas & Mara, Sweden


WaterColors friends!
Yes, we did it. Had a wonderful time here.All together perfect. Thanks a lot.

Michael, Basel, Switzerland

Thank you WaterColors for the AMAZING time, specially to Vince and Marianne that made this course an incredible experience.  Keep doing guys the excellent job!
Best of lucks

Ronnie, Argentina

Thank you to the WaterColors people specially the instructors for everything.  My wife and I had the most amazing time. We will be coming back again to finish the course and see more amazing sea life.
Thank you guys.

Josh & Valentina, Argentina/HK


Thank you very much for all. This place is simply wonderful, we are so overwhelmed with the staff’s concern when one of us got sick during our stay. Thanks for the extra care. Hope to see you again.
Kisses from Italy..

Giulio & Marcelo, Italy/HK

I forgave the rudeness on how Marianne grab the innocent people into your dive center. Why??? She was right, you are the “The best Dive Center on Boracay”! I had the pleasure to dive with Marianne, Harry and Nomer. Thanks for taking care of me  and the huge efforts you put into it to urge me to attend PADI’s Nitrox course.
Take care & Kisses.

Bruno, Croatia, Swiss & Singaporean

I came here to Boracay to learn to kiteboard. But when I entered your shop I switched to become a diver. I always felt really, really comfortable with the instructors, the super cool ladies (staff) and my cigarettes. Therefore I am now, after less than a week an advanced Open Water Diver having done the Nitrox-course as well...great! And ladies ( Shiela & Debbie) you were great! Remember me, “Can I have an ashtray”? Goodluck to all of you.

Andreas and Birgit, Switzerland

My stay in Boracay was just amazing. I had the best time of my life also thanks to WaterColors! Your instructors were just the best! (Vincenzo and Marianne) I’m really going to miss this place and these cabanas! I hope to come back here really soon. I just realized I haven’t been writing about you girls working here! Thanks a lot for everything, it was real fun.

Lawrence Foglia, Switzerland

Thanks so much for this truly amazing days of diving in Boracay. Even though the weather hasn’t been too good, we’ve really enjoyed the dive sites and learned a lot during this 4 days. Harry has been an excellent instructor, thanks to the whole crew at WaterColors. 

Timmy Bjoerk & Julia Bolevin, Stockholm

Great  diving and fantastic service.  Very competent and  professional  staff. Great  people, helpful and good humuored.  Thanks everybody.
God Bless

Fiona & Terry, UK/Australia

A resort beside the beach is many people dreamed. A resort right on the beach does not seem realistic for everyone. Furthermore, a lovely resort hotel right on the water is unbelievable. Finally, WaterColors make it out!! I love it here more than anywhere else!

Daniel, Canada

Feel like I never left the beach while staying here. Love the very friendly staff here. Wish I can stay for New Year’s Eve.

Carmen, Macau

I’ve completed my Advanced Open Water Course with WaterColors. 5 great dives (especially night & wreck) Very nice staff and friendly, professional, confident instructor Marianne!  Enjoyed my time in Boracay.

 Marie Sophie Cazes, France

Dear Jenny & WaterColors Team!   Thanks for showing us the beauy of the Boracay under(sea)world! We enjoyed diving with you a lot and will definitely remember our dives! Also thanks for the great fresh seafood dinner together with your family and the nights out! Take care and all the best.

Julian Krischker and Doreen Kabsoh, Germany

Thank you all for the great stay! We had an awesome time here. And you take very good care of your guests! Hope to see you all again soon.

Julia Pickelmann, Germany

Thanks for the lovely stay.  Really enjoyed your laughs and your cheers. Thanks for laughing with me!!! Vincenzo, lovely course, was a blast and you’re the best.  See you all soon,

Antonin , Spain

Asia backpacking trip, don’t miss to stop at Boracay! Thanks for the help completing the course, the dive experience is amazing and I'm really happy that I took the certificate with WaterColors.

Johannes Norberg, Sweden

Thanks to WaterColors and the friendly staff! Very welcoming! I enjoyed Camia 2 and Yapak with the easy going and funny Divemasters. And we did see a BIG turtle at Yapak . (it is true).

Helena, Sweden

Our plan was 2 nights in Boracay but the cozyness, the view and the wonderful staff made us extended to 5 nights. Thank you for warm welcome and lovely stay. Will be back!!

Nancy and Cesar, Thailand/Mexico

It was such a pleasure staying with you!  My 6 nights bookings was extended to another 6 nights and from Advanced Open Water Certification to Rescue Diver Course, it was an awesome time with you guys..I felt so much at home with the WaterColors Family. Thanks a million and see you again soon,

Gerlinder Wallner, Austria

When coming to Boracay, we found out from friends (Jenni and Andy) that they had taken Scuba Diving st WaterColors. My husband and I thought that scuba diving would be a great experience for our children, Scott (14), Claire (12), and Cate (9). We have now spent the week earning our Open water diving certification. WaterColors instructors have opened our eyes to an entirely different world. Our underwater experience has not only made us smarter, but we now have a greater appreciation of the unbelievable underwaterworld that we would not had seen without the help of our marvelous WaterColors teachers. For parents who are somewhat reluctant to let their children dive for safety reason, I want to assure them that instructors at WaterColors  used every possible safety procedures to guarantee a hazard free underwater diving time. I, the 48 yr old mum, (Claire, Scott and Cate), also earned my Open water certificate and I'm truly thankful to have gotten the recommendation of my friends to use WaterColors Dive shop to learn the PADI Way!! We look forward to coming back & learning  more/diving more with the WaterColors Diving Team! Thanks WaterColors for affecting our lives in such a positive way!

Anne, Claire, Scott  & Cate  Stolarski, Greenville S.C./USA

Thanks to all WaterColors Staff, for their hospitality, friendliness and superb service. I enjoyed my stay here really much and  the hot towel after each dive is so comforting. I'm just sad that I have to go. Hope I will come back again.

Zdenek Hosinsky, Czech Republic

Thanks for everything, accommodation and diving have been incredible. Nice people here makes you a pleasant stay. See you soon, will keep coming back . The Hunks!

Michel Entrena, Victor & Esteve  Davi, Bertram Biayna, Manila/Spain/Germany

We had such a great time with you (dancing queens of WaterColors).Thank you for your hospitality and the care that only a true nurse can give (taking care of my wounded foot).

Iris Boeckmann & Katrin Jordan, Germany

Thanks for your assistance and hospitality. We enjoyed our stay in your hotel, ,the room is great and awesome. Sad to leave such a beautiful place and friendly people.

Mhona & Harry Lubiano,  Philippines

Next time we will bring the “Tequila”.Thanks for the wonderful stay, the diving and the fun that we had here. We’ll be back next time! You guys rock!

Christoph Munkel (group of youth volunteers in manila), Germany

Happy after a very nice stay in Boracay. Your staff is the most helpful and friendly a guest could wish for!

Andreas and Nina Baelil, Shanghai

Even though the weather was miserable, WaterColors took good care of us from beginning of the dives till end. Thanks for all the help and support, you made us feel safe.

Garlanda Kuan, Hongkong

Thank you so much for the great services.  Beautiful beach in front of the room. You are all welcome to visit me in Indonesia.

Rudy Darwin Swigo, Indonesia

WaterColors and the great Tequila Girls, thank you so much for my stay here! I wish I weren’t leaving. The diving was great and staying here made Boracay for me. Until next time, Adios Amigas.

Brent Rosenberg, Bondi, Sydney Australia

The staff is what makes WaterColors “5 Star hotel”.  Will be back one day.

Iztok Humar , Slovenia Eu

Thank you for the most awesome experience ever. You are great instructors and we like you all a lot! And thanks to the great divemasters skills we got to see the whitetip sharks today. Thanks to the instructors for your great teaching.We will never forget you guys! We also want to thank Metzi, Nikki and Debbie for taking such good care of us (warm towel and delicious coffee). Thank you Markille for all the heavy lifting, and the great service.  Jenny  Jara, thanks for refreshing our dive memories!

Jennie Henriksson, Tobias Edeslav, Jessica Raunas & Sebastian Henriksson, Sweden

We’ve had the best time ever in your  lovely place, thank you so much everything!!!! We like the nice evening time we spent with you guys! Never drink “ Tequila” again!!! From Holland with love.

Jorgen Wouda & Rutger Piest, The Netherlands\

Thank you very much for great services. We enjoyed the fantastic food, beer and tequila. Next time, I’ll bring some alcohol so lets enjoy them. Thanks again and see you next time.

Shina Fujiyasan,  Japan

Thank you very much for giving us great days. We had very good time on this island and this hotel. I want to come back again!

Yoko Okamoto, Japan

What a wonderful service! You guys made us feel like being treated in high-end posh resort! Many thanks to the wonderful staff..super lovely place!

Maxim Korenyugin, Russia

Merci Beaucoup A  Marianne Qui a Permis A Merlin D’ Assouvir Son Fantasme:  Faire De La Plongee Comme Ses Freres! Simon A Aussi Passe Un Excellent Moment!!! Nous Souhaitons A Tous De Merveilleuses Plongees Dans les Eaux Merveilleusses Des Philippines

Famille Zabrocki, Wittenheim, 20 July 2010

Thank you very much for 10 great days! We’ve had a really nice vacation and hope to be back someday.

Allan & Rikke Stistrup, Denmark, 27 July 2010

We had a wonderful stay here @ WaterColors, thanks to all the super friendly staff. We enjoyed the scuba diving very much and looking forward to keep on diving. Keep up all the good works guys!

Kostan Reisinger & Aleida Frissen,  The Netherland, 17 July 2010

Thank you for everything! The friendliness, efficient service, help with  dive gear, clean rooms, hot towels,cups of tea and even peanuts & VodKa! I really appreciate it and hope to see you again in Boracay  or Bangkok. Thank you beautiful people of WaterColors.

Yvonne Brown, UK/Bangkok, 08 July 2010

What a view to wake up to, love the room. The simplicity makes It so cozy and the friendly staff are so fun to be with. I wanna stay longer but need to go back work, I will be back and bring more friends.:-)

Russell Horan, Seattle USA, 25 July 2010

Fantastic Holiday. WaterColors is fabulous, great service, lovely people. Thank you Jenny  for being patient with me on my first 2 dives. Thank you for helping me with my buoyancy. Thank you to all the staff for wonderful service, its beyond my expectation. I’ll be back J

Chree Platt, Bangkok Thailand

What a lovely holiday. Love Boracay,love WaterColors and the great staff. Thank you and see you soon. 

Lucy Livingstone, Scotland

To the awesome staff at WaterColors, thank you so much for this wonderful stay. We enjoyed our room very much and you are all so friendly and hospitable. You made our “Honeymoon” so memorable, thanks for all those extra sweet “touches”, the scented oil and the chocolates,we love it.

Martin & Tamara Carlweitz, Sweden

Thank you so much for the lovely experience here at WaterColors. The staff were incredibly fun/knowledgeable and the accommodations rocked!!! We feel so lucky to have stumbled upon their place and hope to have the opportunity to return (maybe next time to dive). Again, thank you so much for everything.

Natalie Hale & John Nguyen, USA

Thanks to everyone at WaterColors for a good time, good laugh, warm coffee  and nice dives. Im sure to see you again soon for some more great diving with my friends. All the best!

Michael Paulic, Sweden  8 June 2010

Very beautiful, nice place to stay .Everybody very friendly. Diving was very beautiful too, can't get enough of the nudibranches, thanks to Jenny for showing us all this beautiful underwater creatures.

Birgit Backhausen, Germany  16 May 2010

WaterColors!!! You guys were so very helpful and fun to dive with! We have’nt been diving in 3 years but Harry and Jenny were so patient! We truly enjoyed our time in Boracay and were sad it has to end. We’ll definitely be back, thank you so much.

Eric Douglas Antonson, USA,  1 May 2010

Nice little hotel on a crowded island. Funny around here. We don’t wanna leave, but such is life.

Flo & Veronica Hauck, Germany, 5 May 2010

Excellent!  Surely the dive site may not be the BEST in the world, but the WaterColors Team is excellent. Show you the good stuff and very safe. That’s the best and very considerate, surely good. And we are lucky to find WaterColors. At the beginning we wanderely asked so many dive shop around and why Boracay Regency recommended WaterColors? Now we know!!! Best recommendation, thanks!!

Christian Habegger,Fabrizio Di Renz & Daniel Hadorn, Switzerland, 07 May 2010

Thank you for the great dives and your patience with us. The lazy “Danes” divers. We did have a great time with the team. Party + diving = happy danes.

Marie Thorsen & Christian Goosmann, Denmark, 5 May 2010


Thank you WaterColors for the warmth welcome. The place is absolutely a piece of paradise. The room is so cozy, sunset is best on our balcony. We love to come back,hopefully very soon.

Christopher Heitland, Canada, 26 April, 2010

We did enjoy  our 1 week holiday with WaterColors. Surely we will miss this place and the little boy called John Ryan. The sun, the beach, the cabana and the smiles of the staff made our stay fabulous. We love to stay for another week, if we can. But this won't be our last time. Thank you all, from the 4 Sussie ladies.

Sarah Mckenna, Gen Mclean, Rebecca Marcakis  & Zoe Lander,   Australia, 29 April 2010

Thank you for the 3 good days that we spent here in your beautiful place. We like the room so much that we don’t want to leave and just sleep, swim, read a book for more days.  Surely, we will remember your place on our next Boracay trip.

Joseph Simonette, USA, 25 April 2010

A new change in our life since today (march 27,2010). We are allowed to dive!! Thanks a lot for the great time, over and underwater. Let the “Tiefenrausch” begin!

Janine Brassaty  & Dennis Kylau , Germany, 27 March 2010

Thank you all at WaterColors! Nice course, nice girls, beautiful underwater world, good coffee. It's great that I got my certificate on my birthday. Michal slept a little bit during the video, chose “ D” out of “ A,B,C,” but still managed to pass the exam. Great fun!!!!

Michal Skolit & Ying Wan, China, 25 March 2010

Thank you for a wonderful stay on Boracay Island. It is a beautiful place and WaterColors is a beautiful resort.

Mick & Jessica Jansonn, Australia, 26 march 2010

Thank you very much for a very friendly welcome.  Great place to recover from a jet lag, the “BALCONY “ is awesome. Thanks again for the hospitality.

Nicole & Floris Burgering, The Netherlands/Switzerland, 23 March 2010

Wow, what a great way to end our trip in the Philippines. Debbie, Shiela, Metzi, Markille and everyone have been so warm and friendly- and thank you so much for our special dinner last night – it was delicious. We are very sad to be leaving, but hopefully we will come back one day. Thank you again.

Adrian & Tracey Tappin,  London,England, 19 March 2010

Thanks for your great hospitality. It has been a very joyful experience in Boracay. If you come to Spain I will give you the same great hospitality. Thanks for everything.

Manuel Aguirre, Spain, 06 March 2010

Thank you all for your great hospitality. Your presence made my stay at Boracay a wonderful experience. I would like to stay in touch with all of you and hope one day in the near future I can host you in Beijing. Take care my dear friends. Hope to see you again soon.

Julia Lu, Beijing, 27 Feb.2010

Thanks for all the care taken this week. Really appreciate the care and help provided to us. We will miss the porridge from Shiela and the rest of your people. Stay happy and enjoy yourself everyday.

Ryan Lim, Singapore, 25 Feb 2010

Thanks for an awesome time in Boracay. The memories will last a life time and the pictures will be well hidden. This is truly an amazing place and an amazing staff. Hope to see you soon.

Jon Aho, USA, 21 Feb.2010

We wish to thank you for opening a whole new world to us. It was great getting to know you and we are sure that Boracay is a better place because you (Watercolors) are here. You are all truly gifted in life and love of teaching and sharing. We look forward to the day when we can see you again. WaterColors will remain a big part of our memories.

Matt, Colli & Harrison Johnson, USA/Shanghai,   13 Feb 2010

Wow, great memories,thanks for making it all possible. We now have a hobby that will last a life time.Thanks to everybody at WaterColors. An unforgettable father/son experience.

Todd, Mitchell & Ryan Haughee/Mike, Trevor Maizland, USA/Shanghai,  14 Feb 2010

Thanks to all of you for making our stay here so wonderful. We have had a great time enjoying the island life and will miss WaterColors. We hope to come back soon. Thanks especially for looking after Josh, he’ll miss his Tita Debbie!

Sam, Matt & Joshua Carter, Hongkong, 16 Feb 2010

Absolutely brilliant!!! Some of the best experiences of my life, with some of the nicest,coolest and friendly people ever. Truly awesome. Watercolors, you guys rock!!! Thank you so much.

Roger Pennington, UK, 05 Feb 2010

High performance delivered! This is our (WaterColors) company slogan. It was a pleasure being here! Very sympathetic and friendly  people. We keep coming back here, it's our 3rd time!

Tobias Kammann, & Bernhard Wurmb, Manila/Germany, 31  Jan 2010

Very very nice hotel! And everybody was very nice and helpful. Thank you very much and personal thank you very much for our dive instructor Harry .

Kiril Zavadskiy & Angelle Nizenko, Russia, 31 Jan 2010

Thank you very much for 4 wonderful days. You have been very nice and friendly to us and made our holiday great.  When we get back to Denmark we will smile every time we see the picture of all of you.

Loiuse and Jesper Reugboe, Denmark, 28 Jan.2010

Jenny and the rest of the crew are great. I love the WARM wet towel when getting out of the water. Thanks for sending the pictures and using your personal equipment Jenny. Enjoy the time WaterColors!

Sander Van Straaten, The Netherlands, 06 Jan. 2010

To all the wonderful people @ WaterColors. Thank you for the warm welcome, the lovely time here at the shop and during New Year’s dinner, and for the Emergency Response Course. I’ll be back when I have my open water certificate and do some fundives. Take care and have a great 2010.

Kristine Persson, Sweden, 4th Jan.2010

Hey lovely ladies @ WaterColors. You are really happy, friendly oyster girls- you are funny. We will be back in the Philippines in the near future. I will always have a part of my heart for Philippines. I miss already the Fita crackers and the grey oysters…Will always remember your smiles on our lips. And John Ryan do not forget your Swedish mama Sunethra will always love you.

Sunethra, Nelly and Anders Elf, Stockholm Sweden, 24 Jan.2010

Thanks a lot for this great and beautiful adventure. You are very interesting people and I think that I am a lucky man because I choosed your dive center. So I tell you ….Keep up the good work!

Stephane Mougin, France, 02 Jan. 2010

Just completed my Open Water Course. Gotten to know the rest of the guys at WaterColors, great “BUNCH” of people! Going on my first adventure dive tomorrow and doing Emergency First Response straight after that together with Kickan. Had a blast with the staff here at WaterColors, Boracay and I’d like to thank all of you for the course, New Years dinner and the awesome memories! May the force be with you!!!

Johan Risberg, Sweden, 02 Jan.2010

We have had some great dives here. Yapak was beautiful with good visibility where we saw several Sharks and lots of Tuna. We also did Camia 2 where we saw 3 ghostpipe fish. Our divemaster Jenny is great especially when she gives us hot towels after each dive. We love those extra sweet touch. Excellent service rendered!

Fredrik Zachrisson and Henning Tegen,  Sweden, 02 Jan.2010

If you stay at this friendly resort, you’ll feel like you’ve never left the beach, even when you’re sleeping. Four absolutely charming boutique-style rooms…high ceilings and delightful touches… high-quality linens and great bathrooms with glass-in shower stalls...little balconies…full-service dive centre.

Lonely Planet Philippines, June 2006

We enjoyed a lot this time, too! We were very happy that we could go to Yapak II and Camia II. We’ll come back again! Let”s keep in touch through e-mail.

Shishi & Aki, Aug 2006

Thank you for the wonderful 3 days stays at your resort. The service was warm and very efficient. Find the accommodations were just perfect. We shall return!!!

Nayoka & Robert, Manila & Sweden, Jul 2006

Nice, personal service. The true essence of a beautiful paradise.

Miles Abello

Thanks! Love the bathroom very nautical……

Michelle de Jesus

It’s our first time to stay here but there will be 2nd, 3rd……visit! Thanks for the wonderful service.

Maundy Mercado, Jun 2006

Thanks for the warm, friendly service. We enjoyed our stay here very much. Nothing like a cozy room with a unique bathroom design to bring people together. Much closer together.

Berna & Anton Garriz, June 2006

Thank you for everything!!! One of the best resorts I’ve ever stayed in.

Russel, May 2006

You’re the best! Great place & great, fabulous people/ staff! Best Wishes!

Miranda de Quiros & Rene Grapillon, ABS – CBN, Manila, Apr 2006

Thanks for the very warm welcome & for all the little extras that you extended. It made this Boracay trip very memorable for me. I don’t think it would push thru without your help & generosity. Your place is wonderful & is really a little spot in paradise. Hope to see you all soon!!

MINIL, Apr 2006

Salamat for the nice and relaxed dive with Brian and Jann. It was absolutely nice to dive here with WaterColors. Even so I am confused because I do not understand who is related with whom.


To WaterColors and there very friendly and gorgeous staff Ate Bing, Ate Ruth, Ate Annalyn and most specially to Ate Shiela, maraming maraming salamat po! Ang sarap ng luto nyo! And very nice accommodation and service. More power sa inyo.

Melvin Tan, Manila, Apr 2006

You really have a great place and great people, we’ll definitely try diving when we come back. Thanks a lot!

Alvin S., Apr 2006

Good service & very nice people!! Ganda ng room!!


One of the most relaxing and home like rooms you can find. Almost to much to the point that I don’t want to leave the room. Thanks for the hospitality, looking forward to more days here.


Thanks for the warm welcome, good food, nice view…. You have everything that BORA has to give!

Julius & Olei, Apr 2006

We had a great time, rooms were very nicely done & charming, lots of good detail esp.the bathroom, beachfront was great. Staff were very friendly, helpful & willing to serve……….all in all one of our best stays on the island! Thanks to all for all again…………..hope to be back here real soon!

Thomas & Faye, Denmark & Manila, Apr 2006

It was a great pleasure to rediscover scuba diving after a years of interruption with you guys! Especially here in the Philippines where I had my best dives and where I wish to come back more regularly as we are almost neighbor. Special thanks to Shiela for her attention & support.


Besides having found nemo, I deeply regret having gone ill with scarlet-fever not being able to do my open water – especially since I felt extremely comfortable with you, Brian, as an instructor! So thanks for the bit I did get to see & learn-----it was great!

P.S. and of course all my thanks for the lovely care you all took get sick.


It was a beautiful, interesting, exciting and relaxing time with you!
Knut & I loved to chill-out with you, having a few beers and food talks. We feel sad, leaving this beautiful place. We thank you so much for your friendship and the experiences, that we’ve had with you. You never know, I believe that you’ll see each other always twice a life ……All the best to you all!


Thanks for the great experience and adventures today. You are very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. You certainly inspired me to continue discovering diving and to pursue a PADI certification. Congratulations!! And cheers from Brazil!!

Guardo Piete/ Ronaldo Garucillo / Beto Soares, Brazail, Mar 2006

Thanks for a great weekend! Lovely staff and cozy rooms!

Tricia, Mar 2006

Thanks for making our diving so easy and pleasurable. Fantastic guides, every knowledgeable- Harry, you were great. Shiela was very friendly – great coffee!

Sharon and Cary, Mar 2006

Thanks for a memorable honeymoon.

Rico & Maureen Calalang

We want to thank WaterColors for their family style welcome and care during our stay. We had two open water certified here and three of us became to Big Boyz on Nitrox. Thank you Harry, Brian, Jenny, Shiela, Mitze, Ruth and all the others who made our stay unforgettable. WaterColors Rule! Normal Air Sucks!

Andy, Mattias, Sebastian, Florian, Thommas, Feb 2006

When we found this accommodation, we felt comfortable and romantic. So we’ve decided making a reservation without thinking you know. Haha the atmosphere is what we’ve wanted things as having a glass of wine with waving. And also thank you for serving with mango, banana & cocktails. We’ve impressed pink flower in that room. Thank you for giving us romantic….kkk we want to come back to here someday and will go to Nami (Buffet) hahaha

P.S. why don’t you sell WaterColors to me? Hahaha

Jenny & Jay, Feb 2006

You are all wonderful, and the resort is just beautiful. We look forward to coming back.

Celine “Enton” Maglangue, Feb 2006

Thank you for such an amazing experience. From the airport to my last moments here at the beach my stay has been nothing but a cool breeze. This was my first time here, and I must say that no other beach can compare to Boracay. White sand, clear water blue skies- everything the perfect beach should be. And to top it all off , I got to stay in the most charming, culturally relevant yet modern accommodation right on the beach! The small amount of rooms allowed for a very intimate, cozy stay. I felt like I was at home. So, thanks again for everything. You have a wonderful staff and the welcome drinks and fruit basket were great touches to a warm welcome. I hope to come back in the near future. Promise me that you’ll never lose the charm of your establishment, especially with the rise in tourism and development. That’s what makes WaterColors so special.

Riabianca Garcia, Brooklyn, NY, USA, Feb 2006

A very good dive with Jenny together with Elisabeth my daughter. We enjoyed it very much. We will come back again and dive here again. Thank you to a very professional team of instructors and staff.

Torben Westphalen & Elisabeth, Feb 2006

Too hard to leave such a place ………….in such an atmosphere. WaterColors is the perfect place to stay, to fully enjoy the charms of Boracay, 100% pleasure. Cute & relax, with a very friendly team. Strong souvenirs to be ………..until we come back with our BB!

Max & Audray, Feb 2006

A huge thank you to you all for such a pleasant stay. It is with sadness that I will not be able to see the sea from my bed in the morning! A big thank you to everyone who works here – an extremely friendly and smiley bunches. Re diving – thank you jenny for helping to sort my buoyancy issues and spotting so many creatures on our dives.

ROBERT, UK, Feb 2006

Thank you very much for nice & beautiful diving. We could enjoyed so much in this coming January 29, I (AKI) am going to take rescue course in Cebu (Moalboal). My target is to be a dive master within a few years. Shishi will take advanced open water course in April in Hongkong. Next time when we come here, we want to dive in Yapak. Hope we can see shark & manta. See you and take good care of yourselves!

Shishi & Aki

I love it here, it was great. I liked Shielas cooking mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I will miss it here in Boracay.


Looking out from my window I can hardly believe it’s only one week since we left Boracay. Here at the west coast of Sweden it has been snowing since last night and we have approx minus 7 degrees ©. As always, we very much enjoyed our vacation at boracay and that is very much because of all of you people at WaterColors. You are the best! We miss you a lot, and Bosse and I of course miss the diving but we have terrific memories from our dives to think about. Jenny, I will always have the picture of you in my mind, when you were trying to fight the fish that bite you at your finger (remember, I filled my mask laughing) and also the happiness you showed at Balinghai when we saw the sharks and the rays.

UllaCarin, Sweden, Jan 2006

Thank you for the great time. It was an unforgettable experience. I hope to come back and then dive with you guys again. Thanks to Jenny for taking us on the dives and to everyone else for all the help. Hope to see you all in the near future.

Greta & Jakob, Jan 2006

Thanks for a nice place to stay so close to the beach. It was perfect and thanks for the nice beach party with a lot of food.

Stefan Kennegard, Sweden, Dec 2005

Thank you for your warm hospitality. Very nice place with, great location and cute comfortable rooms. But it’s people like you and your staff that really make this place paradise.


To the crew of WaterColors, always a pleasure being here with such a great crew. All the best for 2006. Always good times!

Jon, Dec 2005

Thanks Guys I had a super time and as soon as I get a chance I will be back and bring my friends.

Jean, Dec 2005

Thank you so much for the great dives and your care during the time here. See you soon on Boracay again and wish you all the best. Diving here is to be continued….

Lau, Dec 2005

You guys ROCK!!! Jenny, thanks for the good times and great dives. You made bad weather fun and enjoyable. Shiela, I’ll dream of your coffee when I’m in Japan! I’ll be back for more…………

Anthony (the half-korean-irish) American guy, Dec 2005

I had a blast!! There isn’t a better classroom than on a Boracay beach. Now that I’ve got my open water , will definitely see you guys again

Dennis & Dyne, Dec 2005

We had the most fantastic time, superb fun. We’re on our way to becoming a scuba diver like Brian. This is the place to be taught!

Richard & Fin

Thanks for the great dives, professional, fun & knows all the good spots, both wet & dry! Thanks Jenny, Shiela & the rest of the team.

Allen Holz, USA

Thank you for a wonderful stay in the Philippines. The staff at the WaterColors made this place my 2nd home. I’m going to miss all of you! 1,000,000 kisses to the girls at WaterColors.

Thomas, Nov 2005

I have had 7 wonderful days here at boracay. The diving was perfect and Jenny is the best dive master I have had so far. Thank you very much for friendly hospitality and for making my holiday perfect!

Henning, Nov 2005

Thanks for all your patience, guidance and the atmosphere! It was my 1st time to experience the “underwaterworld” and it was really fun!! See you soon, you’re great!


Thanks for a fabulous holiday & a greet birthday. Wonderful, relaxed & friendly atmosphere. We will be sure to send some more Aussies over!

Berb & Ben, Australia, Sep 2005

Thanks for the great and interesting dives. You guys are professionals and a merry bunch on top of that!

Morten Gronberg, Aug 2005

Thanks for the excellent dives, Jenny was so much fun! Wish we could stay longer and dive more!

Jen & Bill, Hongkong, Jul 2005

What a beautiful room! Contrasting colors in the blue and orange bathroom. Beautiful pillows and bed spreads made a simple room into an elegant stay. The view from the balcony was fantastic. Staff was helpful and friendly. One could not ask for anything more!

SETH FORDEN, June 2005

With a lot of worries for my ears I started this course but Brian does not rush things and I successfully ended my open water course, thank you for that. We saw beautiful things and fish. I can really recommend this place if you want to do it good and still enjoy the dives. If you take the open water course ask for the last dive in crocodile. Enjoy!

Maarten Hennis/ M. Scholler, Amsterdam, Jun 2005

A happy visitor would like to thank a happy team, I learned diving, we had a memorable farewell dinner and it was a beautiful and relaxing stay. I hope I can come again sometime in the future. All the best for your work and life and your families.

Reinhard Huss, Heidelborg, Jun 2005

I had a wonderful holiday. The hospitality was incredible and I felt at home among the Filipinos. I thoroughly enjoyed my diving experience with Brian. The entire staff at WaterColors is very warm and fun to be with. I am looking forward to visiting WaterColors with my family.

Rohan M. Parikh, India, Jun 2005

Thanks for good dives, big party, thousands of drinks …….Had a lot of fun here and were enjoying every second. Be sure that we will miss little paradise and all of you! See you again next year.

Andrea & Philipp, Jun 2005

Thanks for your hospitality! It was a pleasure diving, wish you to stay in your beachfront guest house. Wish you all the best!

Ilan Judes, South Africa, Jun 2005

Thanks for a wonderful time and a pleasant stay! I really felt like home. Great hospitality and fun dives. Thanks to Jenny who cared for me like a mama watching her babies! “I’ll be back”

Henrik Von Ubisch, Jun 2005

Thanks to Shiela, Jenny, Ruth, Metzi, Sean, & Brian for your help, hospitality. Plus Brian’s extra patience when I was struggling with gaining my water “wings”

JUHA, Jun 2005

Thanks to all, great times, especially great people, great feelings of welcome and care. Too many people to name you all. Thanks for the great time. David Drake, Margaret Studstill & Elisabeth Studstill, Jun 2005

We had a great time diving with you. We especially enjoyed the shipwreck CAMIA II. Next time will be at a non-monsoon period with a little less rain, though. Good thing with the warm towels. A special thanks to Jenny.

Bodil & Henrik Jonason, Stockholm & Anders Bons,Singapore June 2005

As always a nice and relaxing time on the island, lots of partying, especially my wedding here and a good place here at WaterColors to dream during the last part of the nights.

PJ, Paris/Bangkok/Manila, Mar 2005

Thanks for the great stay, friendly warm staff& cozy rooms. See you again! Maya & Virgil, Mar 2005

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your instruction. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had for a “class”, studying and all. Especially thank you for making me so comfortable while diving. Having someone like you teaching me definitely helped me develop confidence and a passion to continue diving… Well, thanks again for your instruction. I am truly grateful!

Annie Kwan, Taiwan, Mar 2005

Thank you for making our holiday in boracay to such a good time. The rooms are beautiful as well as all the smiles of the staff. Lot of love

Emanuel & Sandra, Mar 2005

It took us 30 hrs. to get here from Montreal Canada but the time invested worth it! Great room decorated with taste and very clean. The staff was warm and very friendly! Thank you for making our holiday such a good time!

Julie & Andre, De Montreal, Canada, Mar 2005

Wonderful place, wonderful scenery, wonderful staff, we will remember this place as long as we live and bring it to life when life is harsh.

Hans, Renee, Johan & Tomoko, Mar 2005

Thank you once again for making our stay in Boracay real wonderful & comfortable. Thank you also for making the guests that I bring in feel so spoiled. Until the next time…

Fran Ribano, Manila, Mar 2005

You are the best team ever … from the instructors to the staff, to the boat guys ….. great ….. we will see again for sure …..Thanks for everything.


The cutest place on the island! I will definitely be back!

Pierre Toundjis / Merila, May 2005

As I said to my friends through postcards I sent, if you want to see paradise on earth before you die, come here the place is so wonderful, specially with all the WaterColors staff , smiling and taking care of you every single minutes you spend here. Thanks a lot to those angels (specially the girls) hehehe……..

Marc, Belgium, May 2005

Thank you for some great diving and making us so welcome on Boracay. We will remember our time on Boracay forever and WaterColors will be part of our memories.

Martin & Thomas Sanders, Manchester UK, Apr 2005

We always look forward to coming back, its truly a slice of heaven on earth………

Paolo & Valerie Lopez, Manila, Apr 2005

It was a wonderful holiday……….. its been nice meeting you guys ………. Superb service! We hope to come back by early next year…. I (Thess) have to or I lose my sanity breaking my back (from working sooooooooo hard!)……. Bye for now!

Theresa Conwi, Bahrain, Apr 2005

It’s our second stay here…. Thank you for your SUPERB SERVICE……. We’ll definitely stay here again next year! We love the bathroom! We love the view!

Najiv & Melissa Cinco, Apr 2005

Many many thanks for a wonderful stay and a wonderful holiday. We will tell all our friends to come and stay with you.

Bodil, Anna Karin & Per, Apr 2005

Great new resort, great living space, awesome interiors, keep up the good work, keep the prices steady and we’ll be back!

Eugene, Apr 2005

We truly enjoyed our visit here. Your warm staff has made the trip so much better despite the chaotic surroundings of holy week in Bora. Oh & yes, the rooms are fabulous! See you guys again……

Philip Opiasa, Manila, Mar 2005

We would like to thank you for your excellent service and hospitability. Your team made our dive vacation so much more enjoyable, I have had warm towels on the boat after a dive. We felt both in safe hands.

Manfred & Natalia

WHERE’S MY HAMMOCK? Actually great times were had again here at WaterColors!! But do not fret my friends the 2005 BBC will take place in December!! Prepare the shirts!!

XoXo, Marc, Geckomaster, Canada, Feb 2005

Thanks to the staff for a very pleasant stay, good service. We will be back on our next vacation in boracay.

Per & Cherry, Jan 2005

We would like to thank you and your crew for our wonderful stay at WaterColors. We had the best stay of our year at WaterColors and we will recommend this place to everybody…

Robin & Marlon

Many thanks for all the warmth, hospitality and friendliness shown... especially when I was sick! I would definitely stay again.

Sarah, Dec 2004

Thanks for all your help and making us feel welcoe on Boracay. Maybe I’ll try diving next time! Shiela, look forward to getting the pictures in the post.

Nessa, Dec 2004

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